Chore Entry

When using ResiDex, you may wish to track non-resident-specific routine and regularly-scheduled chores such as cleaning, maintenance activities, emergency drills, quality management activities and the like. The best way to do this in ResiDex is to use "Chores." These are scheduled per "Provider" and will display on the Today Screen, RTasks and Daily Assignments on the specified day(s).

Simplified Chore Times

We can use "simplified" scheduling times throughout ResiDex.  Simplified times are scheduling items for AM, PM or Overnight vs. 9:15 AM, 1:30 PM. etc.

RTasks: Chore Notes Required

If you would like to require a staff member to enter a note when documenting a chore, you can turn the configuration option on (if it is not already) and specify which chores require notes.  This would be very handy if a chore is to "Check refrigerator temperature" and you want staff to be prompted to record the temperature.

Reporting: Chore Charting

There are times when you may wish to print out the chore recap or documentation.  The chore recap will show the actual minutes (if entered during documentation), staff member who recapped the item and any notes associated with the documentation.