RTasks User Management

Setup RTasks Access

RTasks access is granted on a user-by-user basis, and can be configured to work in one of two ways for your organization:

Email-Based Login

If your users all have email addresses, these email addresses can be setup as usernames for your users in RTasks. This is our recommended approach as it gives your users the option to reset their own RTasks.net passwords should those passwords be forgotten, as well as gives your users the option to use 2-Step Authentication(an additional security feature) when they login. 

Staff email addresses will only be used by Residex for the following purposes:

  • Sending Alerts when enabled (Alerts will include general updates on a variety of subjects specific to each user, and will never include Protected Health Information).
  • May be used to send communications from the ResiDex Support team.

"Username" Based Login

If you prefer your users not be required to have an email address to log into RTasks, we can set up your database to handle logging into RTasks with a normal username instead of an email address. The only requirement for this approach is that each username will have to be unique amongst ALL RTasks users including users who are not part of your organization.

Unlock an RTasks User Account

An Rtasks user has 15 attempts to log in before their account is locked.  A ResiDex Administrator (someone with role 14 - Staff Data Entry and 15 - Set Staff Roles) can log into Desktop ResiDex and unlock a users RTasks account.

To find out who has these roles, log into Desktop ResiDex and use the "Security Overview Screen View" to find out who to contact at your facility.

PLEASE NOTE: ResiDex Support Staff cannot unlock RTasks user accounts for you; for the best possible security, this must be handled by your organization.

Limited Resident Access

ResiDex's "Limited View of Residents" feature allows certain staff to have RTask access limited to only one or a few residents. This is helpful if you have an outside agency that needs to view information or chart services for individuals, but for whom you would not want to give access to all residents.  Examples might include hospice workers, consultant physicians, therapists, or Medicare/skilled nursing providers.

Note:  To ensure compliance with aspects of the HIPAA Privacy Act, each provider should be added to the Staff list by personal name, not as a "XYZ Hospice" provider or "ABC Clinic", even if they represent the same agency or clinic.  Each person should be entered as staff and create their own unique login.  

Resetting a User's Password(s)

If a user forgets their password to log into Desktop ResiDex, a user with Staff Role 15 - can reset their password.  

RTasks Troubleshooting

When using RTasks charting, we recommend you begin with a strong start to avoid any preventable issues.  We will pass along some basics tips and outline some troubleshooting steps should you need some assistance.

RTasks: Staff Notes

Supervisors often need to document staff-related attendance issues, conversations, disciplinary actions, etc... in the staff record.  Staff Notes in RTasks allows users with Role 14 (Staff Data Entry) to view and enter staff data in RTasks and users with Role 16 (Edit Staff Notes) to easily enter notes directly into the staff record as well.

RTasks: Delete Saved Passwords

RTasks is our web browser-based charting tool.   Users may be asked, when they first log in, "Save your password?".  If you press "Yes", any user can log into RTasks under your credentials. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT save your RTasks password on a device that other people are using.

If you save your credentials, this document outlines how to delete saved passwords (from all websites) Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox browsers.