Medication Management

Edit Med (Discontinue/Restart)

If a change in medication dosage, strength, frequency, or days is needed, you can easily make the necessary changes in ResiDex using the "Discontinue and Restart" button.  This entry option not only saves time, it also keeps a concise and accurate history of each medication.  

Note: This option is done if the medication is CHANGING.  You do NOT need to use this option if the medication is being discontinued completely.  If a medication is being discontinued completely, please see our instructions on how to Discontinue Medications.

Medication on Hold

There are occasions when a resident medication may be placed on hold.  The 'hold' status may be for either a specified or unspecified length of time. 

Discontinue Medication

If a medication is to be discontinued, you can easily record that change in ResiDex. ResiDex will handle not only entering the end DATE of the medication, but also the end TIME.  

Why is this useful?

If a medication is given two or more times a day, the end time for the medication will allow you to specify which med times will be administered before being discontinued on the last day.

Dispose Medication

There are a number of reasons staff may need to document a medication has been disposed of: the med was  discontinued by the MD; it was released to the resident; the med expired; the resident was discharged; or the medication was spilled, dropped, or spoiled.

Whatever the reason, it is best to document the disposal or destruction of any medication not administered to the resident under your care.