RTasks: E-Charting Overview

Electronic charting of scheduled Services, Chores and Tasks is easy in RTasks!

Auto PRN Follow-Ups

The Today screen provides the option for your staff to document As Needed medication administration. A follow-up service can be created automatically, allowing staff members to document the response of the resident to the medication.

RTasks: Resident Notes

Resident notes allow users to document narrative notes about the resident. If you have the ResiDex user role "5 - Resident Notes" along with RTasks access, you will be able to add Resident Notes.

RTasks: Review Care Plan

The Care Plan or Master Care Plan report in Residex can provide a comprehensive view of the plan of care for a resident, based upon items selected in the nursing assessment. Each facility can setup the Master Care Plan to meet their own needs and requirements.  Each time a clinical assessment is marked complete, the Master Care Plan will be generated and can electronically be sent to staff in RTasks, prompting them to review and "electronically acknowledge"  the care plan.

RTasks: Messaging

The ResiDex Snap Messages feature has been a great tool for improving communication between staff.  RTasks offers snap messaging capabilities as well.  The two systems are completely synced; messages composed and reviewed in desktop Residex appear in RTasks and vice versa.

RTasks: Document an Incident

If you have performed the Incident Setup steps in Desktop ResiDex and have User Role - 6 "Incidents",  you will be able to enter incidents using RTasks.  The same Incidents created in desktop Residex for your campus will be available to you in RTasks!

Campus Memo

Campus memos can be used to communicate facility information to staff.  Examples might include facility maintenance plans  or special events taking place.  Campus Memos  can appear in the RTask  Login report using the options Resident Notes - All - Aides and/or Resident Notes - All Aides - 2 days.  You can also view the campus memos under the + More - View Campus Memos.

RTasks - Add New Resident

You can add a new resident/consumer directly from RTasks. This allows nurses and ResiDex administrators (users with role 11 and/or 13) to add a new resident using the mobility of RTasks.

RTasks Only Note Feature

RTasks allows limiting the type of notes seen or entered by staff based on role or provider type. This was developed so clinical and administrative staff can enter and view certain notes but other staff cannot. This feature is setup in Desktop ResiDex but only available when entering/viewing notes in RTasks.

RTasks: Resident Diagnoses

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit diagnoses for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new diagnosis
  • Remove a diagnosis
  • Change the "primary" diagnosis

RTasks: Residents

The RTasks Resident option allows visibility to current or former residents. In addition to allowing all staff to view information, it also allows staff with the provider type RN or LPN or users with role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor to:

  • Update information such as demographic information
  • Change a client status (active, hold, or discharged)
  • Add or update the resident bulletin

RTasks: Residents Contacts

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit contacts for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new contact
  • Edit contact information
  • Change the sort order of the contacts, identifying one as "primary"

RTasks: Residents Service Plans

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "2 - ResiDex Service Plans" to edit services for a resident.  With this role a user can:

  • View services
  • Add a new service
  • Discontinue a service
  • Modify a current service