RTasks: Print Daily Assignments

RTasks was designed with the intent of eliminating the need for paper Daily Assignments / To-do lists. However, if your organization still needs or wants to print out some paper record of what is being done, you can do this easily from the Today screen in RTasks (as described below) or from the RTask Reports button.

RTasks Login Report Setup

RTasks allows users to be greeted by a "Login Report" that can be customized with information for campus users. Unlike Alerts that are sent to you via an email or text, the login report will automatically open any time you log into RTasks.  It is also available under the Fax/Print button in RTasks.

Staff Alert Setup

ResiDex allows users to set up alerts via text message or email, notifying them of important information such as incidents entered that are awaiting review, unread snap messages, missed medications, and others.