Auto PRN Follow-Ups

The Today screen provides the option for your staff to document As Needed medication administration. A follow-up service can be created automatically, allowing staff members to document the response of the resident to the medication.

To Setup Auto-Follow Up Services

  • Setup the new Follow-up on As needed med service. Add a new service using the Global Service List
  • Turn on and configure the automatic follow-up to an unscheduled 'as needed' med administration
  • Go to the Setup Tab, and select Campus from the menu on the left
  • Select Campus Configuration from the menu on the right; this opens the Campus Configuration Screen
  • Select the Category: Recap Meds and edit the applicable options
  • Follow-up after As Needed med - How many minutes: Type number of minutes after the med admin for follow-up service
  • Follow-up after As Needed med - Require response: Set this to "Yes" to turn this feature on
  • Follow-up after As Needed med - What service: Specify the follow-up service from the Global Service Job List that will be created