Resident Links

Resident attachments allow facilities to keep a digital copy of forms directly linked to Residents entered into Desktop ResiDex. The links can be grouped into various types to meet your organizational needs.  

Attachment setup will vary per facility because of the database environment. Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ResiDex Support to do the initial setup of attachments.

Initial Step: 

  • Save the document on your computer. This can be done by scanning it or saving an already digital copy of the form
  • Make sure you know where it is saved

Add the Link for a Resident:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - Open the Resident Profile Screen and click "Link" button

  • The screen will open - select New
  • Select a Link type or click the + button to add a new link type

  • Navigate to the file by clicking on the Link field - make sure you begin your search of the links in YOUR local drives

  • As in the example, your local drives usually start with "Letter" on "PC Name"
  • Navigate to the file and click to select it - when it is selected, press OK (Hint: you can search for the file using the field in the top right corner)

  • The Links window will appear - (Optionally) edit the link name and press OK

  • The link will now be displayed in the "Link" list - click on the link and view the form on the right

Helpful Hints:

  • When you choose a file, it will be uploaded to our server.  It will may no longer be available on your local computer
  • If you need a copy to remain on your computer, you can copy and rename the file so one will remain on the computer
  • You can Delete a link by clicking on the word "Delete" by the line item

  • Filter by Link types by selecting the link type in the drop down list