Medication on Hold

There are occasions when a resident medication may be placed on hold.  The 'hold' status may be for either a specified or unspecified length of time. 

Med Hold: Specified Length of Time:

  • From the resident medication screen - click on a medication
  • Click on the Discontinue/Restart button

  • A new window will appear where you will be able to edit the stop and start dates

  1. In the first field enter the date the medication will LAST be given
  2. In the second field enter the new start date.  The "gap" in dates will create the "hold"

  • The "restart" med line will have an indicator that it is starting in the future
  • The medication will automatically restart on that date

Med Hold: Unknown Restart

  • From the Resident med screen - click on a medication
  • Click on the "Days" field

  • Use the "Other" days option and select "Hold"

  • Unlike the option of scheduling when the med will go on hold/restart - this option will put the medication on hold IMMEDIATELY
  • You will have an "indicator" displaying any medication on hold

  • When the med needs to restart you must manually return it to the "active" state by changing the "Days" option

  • Click on the "days" field and select an option from the list and press save
  • The medication will now immediately be made active