RTasks: Print Daily Assignments

RTasks was designed with the intent of eliminating the need for paper Daily Assignments / To-do lists. However, if your organization still needs or wants to print out some paper record of what is being done, you can do this easily from the Today screen in RTasks (as described below) or from the RTask Reports button.

Using the keys "Control (Ctrl)" + P will print the daily task sheet for your currently selected "Role" (also known as "Provider)  and will include the full description / special instructions of each service, chore, task, etc, displayed on your screen.

Internet Explorer users have additional options

  • Press the "Alt" on your keyboard one time
  • Click on "File" that will appear on the menu menu at the top of the screen
  • Click "Print Preview"

  • Internet Explorer's print preview feature will allow you to control the size the report prints at on paper.Use the drop down list to adjust the size percentage the report will be reduced or increased. Then print!