Prospect Profile

The Prospect Profile screen was designed to give you a quick overview over all of the information you have about your Prospect, all of your communications with them, and your next scheduled follow-ups.

The Top of the Prospect Profile will list the Prospect's Name, their Inquiry date (the date they were added as a Prospect), Timing (rough estimate of when they are looking to move in) and Estimated Move-In Date.


The communications section will list all of the tasks that are scheduled to follow up on this Prospect. For more about how the task manager works, check out:

ProsPex Task Manager Training


The Source section of the Prospect Profile gives you a quick overview of your communications with your Prospect. You may notice the "+" Buttons here. If there is an option missing from one of the drop down list, just hit the "+" button next to that drop down menu, and you can add to the list.

  • Initial Contact - Indicates who of your staff initially spoke to the Prospect
  • Lead Source - Indicates where this lead came from (Website, Advertising, Referral, etc).
  • Advertising Source - So you can track what advertising sources are bringing in Prospects
  • Referred By - To track Referral Sources
  • Reasons - For why Prospect is seeking care


To indicate and track which of your Prospects are leads, are on your Waiting List (including their start date on the wait list).


To keep track of an individual Prospect's contacts

Prospect Info

The Prospect's contact information


Basic personal info about the Prospect including Gender, Birthdate, and Marital Status.

Preferred Room Type

To indicate what room and community preferences of your prospect

Prospect Notes

To take notes as you learn more about your Prospect's situation. To add a new note to a prospect, just hit the "Add" Button