RTasks: Chore Notes Required

If you would like to require a staff member to enter a note when documenting a chore, you can turn the configuration option on (if it is not already) and specify which chores require notes.  This would be very handy if a chore is to "Check refrigerator temperature" and you want staff to be prompted to record the temperature.

Turning on the configuration option:

  • Start at the Setup tab and open the Campus Configuration screen
  • Select the Category: Chores
  • Find the option: Make "Require a note" field visible on chore list and set the value to "Yes"

Requiring a note for specific chore:

  • From the Desktop ResiDex Home screen -> click the "Provider" tab
  • Click the "Chores" button to add/edit chores
  • Click any box under the "Require note" column to specify which chores need a note

What happens:

When documenting in RTasks, if you click "Complete" before entering a note for that service, you will see a pop up prompting to enter a note.  Enter the note in RTasks and click Complete.