Resetting a User's Password(s)

If a user forgets their password to log into Desktop ResiDex, a user with Staff Role 15 - can reset their password.  

Reset a Password

Note - If a user still knows their password, but their RTasks account is locked - you can unlock their account for them.

  • From the Staff Tab in ResiDex, open the Resident profile of the staff member for whom you wish to reset a password
  • To reset this user's ResiDex password, click the "Reset 1 Step Pwd" button
  • To reset this user's password, click the "Reset RTasks Password" button. 

  • Press OK to confirm.
  • If the campus has the "Default Password" setup, a confirmation will appear that displays the temporary password
  • If no default password is setup, a screen will pop up to create a temporary password
  • Communicate this information to the staff member so they can now login