RTasks Report Customization

Using Desktop ResiDex, you can now customize reports that will display in RTasks.  To perform the following steps, a user must have ResiDex Staff Role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor.

Enable/Disable a Report:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for RTasks and select "RTasks Reports"
  • This will open the RTasks Reports Screen

  1. Select a category
  2. Click on a Report and as applicable select Enable or Disable (only the applicable button will be available)
  3. Currently enabled reports will display the Provider Types with access to the selected reports

  • NOTE: When enabling a report for the first time, hold the ctrl key down on your keyboard and select any provider that needs access to the report

Edit Provider Access:

  • REMOVE Provider Access by clicking on the enabled report and un-selecting the box beside the provider type

  • ADD Provider Access by clicking on the "+" button, selecting the Provider(s) and pressing "OK"

Edit the Report Name and/or Description:

  • Select an enabled report
  • Click on the "Display Name" or "Report Description" - this will display a field that you can overtype/edit

RTasks - Print:

  • Log into RTasks and select Fax/Print
  • Select "Reports"
  • Select a Category - This will correspond to the categories on the RTasks Reports screen
  • Select a Report Name - This will also display the customized name if applicable
  • The Report Description will also display
  • Select any other criteria and click "Create Report"

Change Report Sort Order:

Some reports will allow you to change the sort order the data is displayed.  If the report has that option:

  • Select the report and click on the Sort field
  • A pop up will appear - Use the drop down to select the detail to sort first
  • Select ascending or descending for each time
  • When finished - press OK