RTasks: Resident Profile

The RTasks Resident option allows visibility to current or former residents. In addition to allowing all staff to view information, it also allows staff with the provider type RN or LPN or users with role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor to:

  • Update information such as demographic information
  • Change a client status (active, hold, or discharged)
  • Add or update the resident bulletin

Access the RTasks Residents

  • Log into RTasks and select the Residents option

  1. Select which resident "list" you would like to view (Current residents, All residents, or Former residents)
  2. Select the Community you would like to view (optional)
  3. Search for a resident (optional)
  4. Click on a resident to view/edit information

Enter or Edit Information:

  • Click on one of the resident pictures

  1. Click to add a bulletin
  2. Click to add/edit demographic information
  3. Click to edit the status of the resident (active, hold, or discharged)

Edit Demographic Information:

  • Edit any of the fields by typing/over-typing the information or select from the option lists
  • * Moving a resident to a different unit is only available to campuses with one community
  • When finished press Save 

Edit the Resident Status

  • Click the edit and select the status from the option list

  • Select the reason from the option list and press Save


  1. Click the Reports option
  2. Select the Report (Type) from the option list
  3. Press Print