Standard Medication Format

As ResiDex seeks to provide its users with the best in electronic health record technology, we occasionally need to upgrade existing screens.  Changes to the desktop ResiDex med entry screen pave the way for med entry in RTasks as well as the possibility of pharmacy integration using our Pharmacy Connect feature. ResiDex users who wish to be able to add and edit medications in RTasks can expect some required changes in desktop ResiDex.

Changes in Desktop ResiDex 

Both changes affect the medication entry screen

  • Dosage fields are changed to align with standard practices used by pharmacy software  
  • Specifying a time for scheduled medications will also allow users to assign to a provider from this screen.

Dosage Fields

In the past, users entered the medication strength and amount (or total dose) in a total of 4 fields

The newer, Standard Medication Format, simply has users enter strength in two fields and moves the amount or dosage into the Special Med Instructions field.  This field can also can contain specific medication instructions for that resident and/or medication for staff to see as they administer. 

The nurse may opt to add any clarifying information he/she wishes, to ensure staff are clear.  In the example below, the tablet strength is 40mg.  The instructions indicate both the number of tabs AND the total dose in milligrams the resident will receive:

Scheduling Medications

In the past, desktop ResiDex users scheduled the time of the medication from the med screen, then added a corresponding service in the service entry screen. Scheduling of medications is now simplified as the user can enter both the time the medication is to be administered and the provider to whom it is being assigned.

  • After entering usual details of the med name, dosage instructions, etc..., enter the time (1)
  • Assign the provider (2)
  • The Med Times button (3) allows users to view the scheduled med passes, reschedule the med pass if needed, and also view recap of the meds.

  • When adding a new med, Residex will alert if you are attempting to assign to a provider who is not working at that time
  • Residex will also alert if you attempt to assign an 8am med, for instance, to Provider A when Provider B is already slated to administer meds at that time.
  • This article provides additional information:  

How can we proceed with these changes?  We look forward to managing medications in RTasks!

  • Call ResiDex Support at 866-512-8369 Option 2.  We will review your database and ensure all is in order and ready for conversion.  This involves review of your medication services as well as ensuring current medications and med services are in alignment.
  • The conversion itself takes approximately 15-20 minutes and requires only that users are logged out of desktop ResiDex.  This can be scheduled in the early  morning hours to avoid conflict (6am).  RTask users are not affected during the conversion.