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Campus Information Setup

Campus demographic information is entered initially with database setup, but should be updated as needed.  Information here appears on some printed reports and the Campus Screen.

Users with the Administrative (411) Role can enter data here, except for the Campus Info field, which is editable by Nurses, Managers (Role 11) and Supervisors (Role 13).  

Global Service List

The Global Services List is the resource screen for adding and creating services, determining how and where they appear, and what they will require of staff during the recap or documentation process.

Because the Global Service list plays such a key role in day-to-day operations, compliance, and billing, the Administrator (411 Role) is required for making any edits to this list.  Residex Support staff can assign this Administrator role, in collaboration with your company administrators - please note this role is typically restricted to as few users as possible.

Navigate from the RTasks Today Screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Considerations to keep in mind

  • A 'lean' service list means less scrolling for users, easier service tracking and accounting
  • Create variations of a service if billing requires different rate or charge types
  • The use of service snippets, used in conjunction with a service, can create variations on instructions for that service without making additional services

Campus Communities

Campuses can be separated into communities by the service level or type (e.g. Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care), or to accommodate service scheduling based upon location in the building (different halls or floors). For instance, your campus might have a memory care unit that is staffed separately from the rest of the campus. You can setup two communities within the campus - one for memory care and one for assisted living. 

Global Medications

Every medication available to select and add to a resident med list in RTasks is maintained in the Global Medication List for that database.  

Any nurse or RTasks user with Role 19 can add a new medication to the list during a Pharmacy Connect import or from the resident medication screen. They may also view the Global Medication list. Only users with the Administrative (411) role are able to edit the Global Medication list.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures can be entered in RTasks and published, electronically shared with staff to review and acknowledge, and reviewed or printed as a report.  Certain procedures may be linked to an associated service, creating a link in that service-- a reference for staff as they are performing that skill or service.  

Users with the Administrative 411 Role can add or edit policies.  Nurses, Managers (Role 11) and Supervisors (Role 13) are able to push policies out to staff for review.