Alerts & Notifications

Alerts Activation

RTasks allows Supervisors (Role 13) and Nurses to set up alerts via text message or email, notifying them of important information such as incidents entered that are awaiting review, unread snap messages, missed medications, and others. These alerts can be turned on or off by the individual staff person.

Alerts are sent every hour around the clock.

Setting up the type of alerts available requires Supervisory Role 13 and is managed under the Manage Alerts option.

Login Report, Alerts, & QA Status Setup

RTasks offers three handy tools for accessing key information:  the Login Report, Alerts, and QA Status.  The management of these tools, including controlling access to the reports they contain, requires a user with Role 13 (Supervisor).

The Login report greets users as they log into RTasks.  It is also available under the Fax/Print button in RTasks.

Alerts are messages sent hourly to admin, RN or LPN users via an email or text.  Each user has the option of turning their own alerts on or off, depending upon their needs. 

The QA Status compiles reports that cover key quality indicators into a single screen. Access to the data in each report is controlled by provider access to the report itself.