Enter an Assessment

  • Users with Role 32 are able to to document clinical Assessments.
  • Access to conduct ONLY "Non-clinical assessments" (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can optionally be granted to non-nursing staff.

Assessments & Service Plans

If configured, any user with the abilities to record assessments and schedule services will be able to schedule services while conducting an assessment, ensuring you keep both in sync.

Clinical Update/Review

There are occasions users may wish to update an Assessment for a Resident without recording an entire new assessment. This is possible through using the "Review Assessment Details" option.  

Assessment Snippets

Snippets are bits of text - typically a sentence or two - that RTasks users can select and use in a given note field.  Assessment snippets are located in the note field associated with any assessment item, and can create efficiencies and clarity in documentation.  Users are still able to add resident-specific data as well.  Users with Role 32 (Assessments) can add or delete assessment snippets.

Resident Bio/History

The Bio/History assessment offers users an opportunity to enter resident biographical data and personal preferences and share that with caregivers.  Information in the Bio/History assessment is entered in a similar fashion to other Residex assessments.  Once a bio/history assessment is marked complete, it can be either printed out and provided to staff, or sent electronically via RTasks to caregivers to review/acknowledge, and reference as needed to provide high quality, individualized care.  Bio/History is an assessment type that can be delegated to RTask users who do not have clinical roles assigned.  

ResiDex Fall Risk Tool

Assessing and minimizing the risk of falling is an important nursing activity and a common quality management concern. ResiDex offers a fall risk assessment tool developed by the Missouri Alliance for Health Care (the MAHC 10) that offers several advantages:

  • It is a tested and validated tool
  • It is integrated into data already entered into ResiDex (diagnoses, medications, fall incidents, assessment items, etc.)
  • It is updated with each assessment or clinical review
  • It can easily be updated and printed as a subset assessment

Suppressing Assessments

Residents in Independent Living settings do not require the clinical oversight that those in assisted living or memory care settings do.  ResiDex Users are able to turn off or "suppress" reminders for assessments or MD orders for these independent residents.  

Vaccination Documentation

Resident vaccination status can be entered, reviewed, and updated as part of the Clinical Assessment.

Users with Role 32 are able to document clinical assessments, including the vaccination status.