Billing Process

Billing Process

Steps of the billing process will take place throughout the month so that the day billing is processed things should move along efficiently.  We will step through the billing process pointing out items that can be done daily/weekly to streamline your billing process. 

Enhanced Billing Pro-rating

In all facilities there is constant movement of residents and their level of care.  For this reason, we have enhanced RTasks billing to automatically handle these situations.  This document will outline how our enhanced billing prorating works. 

Before we begin, each campus can choose a pro-rating rule. Do you pro-rate on an annual or monthly calculation?

  • Annual = Rate x 12 / 365 = rate per day
  • Monthly = Rate / days in month = rate per day

Once you determine your pro-rating calculation, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set the campus configuration option for you.

Pro-rating will be determined if you pre or post bill your packages and/or services. If you have questions on how your system is billing please contact us and we can help.

Let's begin outlining scenarios where pro-rating will take place.

Enter Manual Charges

ResiDex offers several ways to generate a charge for an individual.  When billing, you may have automatically created line items as well as manually-entered items. You may need to manually enter a charge for a new move-in or to charge for items not related to service packages or services. 

A few commonly entered manual charges include:

  • Utility Fees
  • Beauty Shop fees
  • Replacement key charge
  • Guest Meals

Because manual charges are DIRECTLY entered on the resident "charges" screen, they are not affected by use of the "create" or "recreate" invoice lines option. You will manually enter these charges and, if needed, manually delete them.

Resident Charges

RTasks allows a user with Billing (Role 4) to see charges invoiced to an individual resident directly from their profile screen.  From this screen you can also:

  • Add charges for the current month
  • Delete charges that are populated but not posted
  • View details about the charges

Unpost One Invoice

If billing changes need to be made after posting but before mailing out a statement, you have several options

  1. Enter an adjustment and print a memo statement (If using Accounts Receivable)
  2. Unpost a statement, make changes and then post the statement again