Campus Setup

Campus Information Setup

Campus demographic information is entered initially with database setup, but should be updated as needed.  Information here appears on some printed reports and the Campus Screen.

Users with the Administrative (411) Role can enter data here, except for the Campus Info field, which is editable by Nurses, Managers (Role 11) and Supervisors (Role 13).  

RTasks Vault - Emergency Documents and Role 911

Emergency planning is our concern as well as yours.  The ResiDex Vault gives specified users access to key documents in the event of RTasks downtime. This gives users access to information they need with the least amount of service disruption.

We recommend installing a shortcut for on your desktop. 

Campus Communities

Campuses can be separated into communities by the service level or type (e.g. Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care), or to accommodate service scheduling based upon location in the building (different halls or floors). For instance, your campus might have a memory care unit that is staffed separately from the rest of the campus. You can setup two communities within the campus - one for memory care and one for assisted living. 

Campus Units

Campus units are initally entered during database setup, and involves entering the rooms/units  to which they can assign their residents. Campus Units may later need to be updated during an expansion or if additional rooms are made available or deactivated.

Users must be a Supervisor (Role 13) or Manager (Role 11) to view/enter Campus Units.

Campus Providers

Campus Providers are essentially the roles staff members assume in providing care to residents.  

Users with the Supervisory role (Role 13) can create and edit the providers who work at their facility.  A small setting may just have AM, PM, and NOC caregivers and an RN. A larger facility may break down providers by location, and have multiple providers operating at the same time (Assisted Living AM 1, Assisted Living AM 2, Memory Care AM 1, etc).

Once providers are created, the user will be able to assign services and chores to that provider.