E-MAR: E-Charting Medications

Introduction to E-MAR

Medication Recap is a way to electronically document medications.  You can  document

  • Who received the medication
  • When the medications were given
  • Who administered the medication
  • Whether medications were administered or skipped/declined (and the reason)
  • Optional notes about any or all medication
  • Medication counts of controlled medications
  • Unscheduled medications that were given, including date/time and reason.

Managing Sliding Scale Insulin

Effective diabetic management includes monitoring blood glucose values and administering needed medications.  Residents on a sliding scale insulin regimen require tight coordination of meds and services, and good documentation of both.  RTasks offers solutions for meeting these requirements.

Controlled Med Administration and Counting

With RTask's  E-mar, users can track counts for controlled medications electronically both at the point of medication administration, and any time on-demand (typically during shift changes).

Medications Sent Out of Facility

Residents may take leaves of absence from the facility; RTasks' feature 'Meds Sent Out of Facility' allows users to specify which medications have been sent with the resident and  provides a summary report of those medications  that can be provided to the responsible party.  In addition, the nurse can review and mark as reviewed those medications sent with the resident.

E-MAR Med Setup & Verification

The documentation of medications in EMars can be customized to meet your needs.  One configuration option can turn the charting into a multi-step process.  The configuration option outlined in this document will explain documenting medications using the following process:

  • Clinical/Nursing Staff Pour/Setup Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Verify Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Document Medications as Administered/Declined
  • Verify Medications (Done by staff before administering)