Fee for Service Billing

Missing Service Recap

Before starting the billing process for Fee for Service billing or Care Package billing that would have "incremental" (not included in package) services, the "Missing Service Recap" report must be viewed.  If services have not been charted they will not be included in the billing for the "current period".

Before creating invoice lines, make sure these reports "Return no data" which means there are no items that have not been documented.

Billing Notes

The billing note option will allow a staff to communicate to the person processing the invoices.  This is a central location to put notes that will impact billing.  You may wish to enter a note that draws attention to a contract amount change, care package change, or discount per agreement.

Create Invoice Lines

Create Invoice Lines

The "key" step to kick off the billing process is to "Create Invoice Lines". This is accessed from the Billing tab and is the next item in the billing "flow chart". When you click on this button, ResiDex will automatically create charge line items. It will look at the Fee and Payer screen and the Recap/Today Screen and consolidate all the charges onto the charge screen with any manual charges that have been entered. This process is populating the invoice fields and may take a few minutes to complete.

Reviewing Trial Invoices

After invoice lines have been created, you can review the Trial Invoice Detail report.  There are several variations of this report, but one of the most common is simply called Trial Invoice Detail.

Editing Charges

If you create invoice lines and notice changes that need to be made, you can make those changes directly to the charge screen. This can be done AFTER creating invoice lines but BEFORE posting.  Once the posting process is complete, the charge screen is locked and cannot be edited.

Review for Adjustments

Once invoice lines have been created, you can review for adjustments. This billing step will allow you to make manual changes that are required due to resident changes in status such as admissions, discharges, and "holds".

Posting Charges

Once you have reviewed trial invoices and made any necessary corrections, you will need to post charges to the resident accounts and then print invoices. When you post charges, the charge screen will be locked and display the invoice number.  If you have licensed and use the accounts receivable module,  the system will calculate statement balances for each resident, giving you not only the list of charges, but a total of what is owed by the resident including past due balances and payments.

Billing Invoice Note

You may wish to add a note to ALL invoices or statements generated from ResiDex.  You may wish to add contact information, late payment policies or a note of important information. If you are part of a multiple campus database, each campus can have their own invoice/statement note. 

Printing Invoices or Statements

After the posting process is complete, you are ready to print invoices/statements.  The difference between an invoice and a statement:

  • An invoice will display the current month's charges only
  • A statement will display the current month's charges as well as a "new account balance"
  • A statement will display payments and adjustments made within the current period but an invoice will not
  • Statements are only available if you license the ResiDex Accounts Receivable (A/R) module

Sample Invoice:


Sample Statement:

Unpost One Invoice

If billing changes need to be made after posting but before mailing out statements, you can apply an adjustment (when ResiDex A/R is in use)  OR unpost one invoice.

You can only apply an adjustment to current billing period if:

  • You use ResiDex A/R
  • You have "strict close" turned off (Please have an administrator contact us to turn this on or off).

Memo Invoice: New/Discharged Resident

When a resident moves in or out, your company may want to provide them with an invoice immediately.  The invoice may contain charges that are to be paid 'up front' for a move-in,  or appear on a final bill upon move-out. In either scenario, you may wish to manually create an invoice for the resident prior to your billing period.

Printing Previous Invoices or Statements

Reprinting past invoices or statements can be done for an individual resident or for an entire campus (every invoice for a billing period).