Incident Clinical Review

Requiring a Clinical Review of an incident is an optional feature in ResiDex, but allows for complete documentation of incidents.

If your organization allows direct care staff to document Incidents in ResiDex, it is useful to have a Nurse or Supervisor review the Incidents.  The Clinical Review not only allows a nurse to verify the accuracy of the documentation, but also add additional information, identify action steps needed to prevent further occurrences, and specify if additional training for staff is needed.

Incident Body Diagram

RTasks Incidents allow you to record a "Body Diagram" quickly and easily as part of recording an Incident. The Body Diagram is used to note any physical injuries a resident had resulting from an Incident (i.e. bruises, lacerations, skin tears etc.)

The incident Body Diagram is optional and can be displayed on whichever incident type a user specifies.

For incident body diagrams to be visible, the following configuration options need to be set to "Yes":

  • Enter Incidents only In Rtasks 
  • Enter Assessments only in Rtasks

The incident type(s) must also specify that the body diagram is "required".

Incident Entry

RTasks offers a robust means by which incidents can be reported and documented, reviewed, and analyzed as part of clinical best practices and quality improvement activities.  

Types of incident reports, questions and response options for each report can be customized per organization. Permissions for viewing and entering notes are configurable on a user-by-user basis.

Staff with the "Incidents - Role 6" will have the ability to make the first documentation of an incident.

Incident Follow-Up Notes

"Follow-Up Notes" allow users to record additional information about an incident that has been entered or status updates about the resident’s condition even after the incident has been submitted or reviewed. Follow up notes are included on Incident summary reporting. 

Staff Incident Acknowledgement

Incidents (such as a medication error) can be configured to prompt a specific member to acknowledge the incident. After the clinical review of the incident is complete, the identified staff member will be notifiedof the incident when they log into RTasks.