Managing Resident Status

Importing a Resident

If your database has multiple campuses or settings, you may wish to move a resident from one campus to another.  This process is called 'Importing a Resident'.  

This action creates a copy of a resident in the new campus and includes much of the resident's data such as services, meds, notes, and contacts. The resident being imported is not removed from the original campus;  this allows users at the original campus to document a resident discharge and preserve all resident data from that campus as history.

Note: To import a resident in RTasks, the user will need to be either a Provider type Nurse and/or have Manager (11) or  Supervisor (13) roles.

Add a New Resident

Users with Roles 11 and/or 13 can add a new resident/consumer directly into RTasks. 

Put a Resident on Hold

Residents who are hospitalized or leaving the facility overnight (or longer) may have their status changed from 'active' to 'hold'.  Doing so will prevent most services for a resident from appearing on service schedules and allows users to keep an accurate resident census.  A resident should not be placed on hold until they have actually left the building for this same reason- it puts their services / cares on hold (so they are not visible from the Today screen in RTasks).  The resident should be made "active" again on return to the facility so medications and services can once again populate.

When a Resident’s Care Status is set to hold, it affects certain reports and features such as:

  • Daily Assignments
  • Census reports
  • Client Status reports
  • E-Charting of medications and services

Users must have Roles 11 or 13 to put a resident on hold or bring them back, ensuring the supervisor is aware that the resident is back under their care.  There is a campus configuration option is that allows direct care staff to perform this function (typically seen in some group homes settings).  Contact ResiDex Support staff if you need this setting.

Discharge a Resident

If a resident is moving out, is deceased, or has transferred to another campus, Residex users will want to "Discharge" that resident in their database.  This may be done either from Residex (Hosted) or from RTasks, as outlined below.

When a resident is Discharged, ALL of their services will be ended and will no longer generate entries on Daily Assignments, the Today Screen or RTasks.  Resident data is readily available to review or retrieve after discharge.