Managing Resident Status

Resident Hold / Active

Residents who are hospitalized or leaving the facility overnight (or longer) may have their status changed from 'active' to 'hold'.  Doing so will prevent most services for a resident from appearing on service schedules and allows users to keep an accurate resident census.  A resident should not be placed on hold until they have actually left the building for this same reason- it puts their services / cares on hold (so they are not visible from the Today screen in RTasks).  The resident should be made "active" again on return to the facility so medications and services can once again populate.

When a Resident’s Care Status is set to hold, it affects certain reports and features such as:

  • Daily Assignments
  • Census reports
  • Client Status reports
  • E-Charting of medications and services

Users must have Roles 11 (Manager) or 13 (Supervisor) to put a resident on hold or bring them back, ensuring the supervisor is aware that the resident is back under their care.  There is a campus configuration option that allows direct care staff to perform this function (typically seen in some group homes settings).  Contact ResiDex Support staff if you need this setting.

Discharge a Resident

If a resident is moving out, is deceased, or has transferred to another campus, Residex users will want to "Discharge" that resident in their database. ALL of the resident's services will be ended and will no longer generate entries on the Today screen in RTasks or  Daily Assignment worksheets.  Resident data is readily available to review or retrieve after discharge.

Move-In VS Start-of-Care

Two different 'Start' dates will appear on the Resident Profile and related reporting related to resident care and services.

Move-In Date is the date of physical move-in to the facility and is entered by resident staff.  

Start of Care Date is the date services were first provided to this resident. This date is not entered, but is instead automatically determined by the date this resident resident first received home care services ('hands on' nursing services).  Services specified as "housing services" such as housekeeping and laundry do not initiate a start of care date.  

  • Move-In and Start of Care Dates may be the same: resident moved in and started cares immediately
  • Move-In and Start of Care Dates may be different: Resident moved in as an Independent Living resident or began paying rent on one day, started receiving cares on a later day
  • A resident may have a Move-In Date and Not have Start Of Care date:  resident moved in as an Independent Living resident or began paying rent on one day, and has not started receiving services yet.
  • Move-In date may appear with a different name custom to your organization, e.g. "Intake Date."

Resident Check-Out / In

Residents leaving the facility for short term outings or appointments can be 'checked out' by staff when leaving and documented 'checked in' again upon returning.  The RTasks Task Manager and Login Report are used to manage the process.

While this can be used for medical appointments, the Referral Appointments feature in RTasks already accomplishes this;  the Resident Check-Out / In feature can be helpful for other types of outings, or when resident location needs to be tracked.

Please note that 'checking out' a resident does not place the resident on hold status. The services and meds will still appear on caregiver assignments. Follow the link to instructions on How to put a resident on hold.


Care Status History

The resident care status can be updated on the Resident Profile screen.  Each time a status is changed, (e.g. to Hold or Active)  it records that history in the Care Status History screen, visible as a link below the resident picture.  An accurate Care Status History is important when creating census and occupancy reports and for billing purposes

Nurses or staff with Role 11 (Manager) or  Role 13 (Supervisor) are able to edit the Care Status History.  You can also contact ResiDex Support and request that permission be granted to another provider type via a configuration.

The ability to edit care status history (and so reconcile inconsistencies) can be done in RTasks.

Importing a Resident

If your database has multiple campuses or settings, you may wish to move a resident from one campus to another.  This process is called 'Importing a Resident'.  

This action creates a copy of a resident in the new campus and includes much of the resident's data such as services, meds, notes, and contacts. The resident being imported is not removed from the original campus;  this allows users at the original campus to document a resident discharge and preserve all resident data from that campus as history.

Note: To import a resident in RTasks, the user will need to be either a Provider type Nurse and/or have Manager (11) or  Supervisor (13) roles.