Medication Management

Medication Entry

RTasks offers RTasks-users with Role 3 an easy way to manage resident medications - entry, editing and scheduling.  

Med Editing / Reschedule

Medications in a Resident Profile > Current Medications can be edited and rescheduled as required.


Sliding Scale Insulin

Effective diabetic management includes monitoring blood glucose values and administering needed medications.  Residents on a sliding scale insulin regimen require tight coordination of meds and services, and good documentation of both.  RTasks offers solutions for meeting these requirements.

Medications on Hold

Medications in RTasks can be placed on a temporary 'hold' status as ordered by the prescriber.  Putting the med on hold will:

  • Flag the medication as 'on hold' in the RTasks current medication screen
  • Remove that med from being administered (though it will be viewed by staff as being 'on hold')
  • Automatically restart the medication as scheduled (If the RESCHEDULE option is used)
  • RTask Login Report option (Meds on Hold) will display those medications placed on an indefinite hold.

Meds Sent Out of Facility

Residents may take leaves of absence from the facility; RTasks' feature 'Meds Sent Out of Facility' allows users to specify which medications have been sent with the resident and  provides a summary report of those medications  that can be provided to the responsible party.  In addition, the nurse can review and mark as reviewed those medications sent with the resident.

Reordering Medications

Reordering of medications may be managed through pharmacy auto-fill arrangements;  if this is not in use, users can reorder medications in RTasks and fax the appropriate list to each of the Pharmacies involved.

Complex Med Orders / Steroid Tapers

Complex medication orders such as steroid tapers can be confusing- with varying doses offered at varying intervals.  This document will walk the nurse through entry of a steroid taper in RTasks.

Med Entry: Med Set

Medication Sets in ResiDex allow you to create one or more "groups" or "sets" of medications (such as standing orders) that can quickly be entered for any resident.  Once the medication sets have been created,  the "Med Set" option allows the user to quickly enter the group of medications for any resident. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with creating/modifying medication sets.


Med Schedule View

When rescheduling or reassigning a med pass, using the Schedule option is a time-saver.  This works similarly to the Schedule option available for services.

Medication Disposal

RTasks enables users to mark a medication as "disposed".  This allows nurses to maintain accurate medication counts, track the disposal of meds that have been refused, and document the destruction of discontinued or expired medications. Disposing of medication in RTasks will not only require the primary user marking the medication as disposed, but also a witness. The witness will be required to enter their RTasks password before the medication will be disposed.

Users with Role 3 are able to document a med as disposed.