Medication Setup

Creating Medication Sets

Medication sets are a list of As Needed medications (such as Standing Orders) that can be grouped/customized by the facility to enter for any resident with just a few clicks. A facility can choose to have one or more Med Sets (e.g. Routine Standing Orders, Hospice Standing Orders, etc...).  This article explains how to create or edit medication sets.

To manage Medication Sets, a user must have Role 19 - Diagnoses.

Global Medications

Every medication available to select and add to a resident med list in RTasks is maintained in the Global Medication List for that database.  

Any nurse or RTasks user with Role 19 can add a new medication to the list during a Pharmacy Connect import or from the resident medication screen. They may also view the Global Medication list. Only users with the Administrative (411) role are able to edit the Global Medication list.

Pilot E-MARs

Implementing EMAR

When implementing RTasks, users may wish to pilot the transition to EMAR in just one or two of their communities. This can be accomplished by turning on or off the EMAR at a the community setup screen.

Turn on/off E-mars per Community:

Navigate in RTasks to the Today Screen > +More > Administration > Communities and select the Community.  Add or remove a checkmark from the 'Enable EMAR for this community' checkbox.

How this Works:

  • Log into Rtasks Today Screen and select a provider
  • Look for Med Assist or Med Administration Services on the provider list of services
  • If a resident lives in a community where E-mars are turned OFF, a user will simply document a service (no medication information will be included in the details of the service).
  • If a resident lives in a community where E-mars are turned ON, a user will document each medication as administered or declined.