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Review of 'PRN' Meds Given

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The "Review As Needed Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those as-needed medications that were administered.

Charting PRN Medications

When  documenting medications in RTasks, users have the ability to document both scheduled and unscheduled medications.  There are several configuration options in Desktop ResiDex that will provide opportunities to not only record the medication that was given, but also the resident response to that medication.

Meds Sent Out of Facility Review

Residents leaving the facility for a time can take medications with them to be self-administered or administered by a responsible party.  The RTasks feature 'Medications Sent Out of Facility' allows staff to document those medications as sent;  this article discusses how the Nurse or Supervisor is then able to review those medications.

PRN Med Admin Limits

Medication entry in RTasks will allow you to specify the frequency and/or how many times a day an 'as needed' med is to be given.  

This can alert staff if they are attempting to administer a PRN med too early.  While it provides the alert, it does not prevent staff from proceeding.  It can also create the specified number of lines on paper MARs (if those are in use), for charting of PRN medications

Review Declined Meds

When medications are declined/skipped (not given), nurses may wish to review those medications.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient option.

The "Review Declined Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those medications that were skipped or declined.