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Task Management

RTasks Task Management System allows users to create and assign tasks to themselves or others, receive a reminder to perform that task, and then document completion.

Tasks are jobs assigned to specific staff person to complete. In contrast:

  • A Service is assigned to a Provider to do for a Resident
  • A Chore is assigned to a Provider to perform for the facility
  • A Task is assigned to a specific Staff Person and may be for linked to a Resident/Prospect, or not at all.

Examples of tasks are:

  • For Marketing staff, linked to a Prospect: "Send invitations to Open House"
  • For Maintenance staff: "Fix leaking faucet in Rm 312"
  • For Staff: "Provide facility tour to Smith Family on 12/14 at 2pm"

Tasks can be assigned a date and time, or simply a date of completion. In contrast to services and chores, assigned Tasks will remain on the "To Do" screen each day until it is marked complete.