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Unscheduled Service

RTasks allows users to add unscheduled services.  An unscheduled service can be completed and documented immediately, or can be scheduled ahead for any provider, to appear on that provider's "to do" list.  Examples of a future unscheduled service might include:

  • the supervisor who wishes to schedule an additional temperature or blood glucose check for a resident who has been ill
  • additional safety check/s for a resident who has fallen
  • any other one-time 'extra' service that is required.

Unscheduled Chores

Scheduled chores can be documented from the Today screen;  Unscheduled chores can be documented by navigating from the Today screen > +More > Unscheduled Charting > Unscheduled Chores.

Any staff with access to RTasks can enter an unscheduled chore.