+More Vitals

Chart and View Vital Signs

RTasks functionality allows users to enter both scheduled and unscheduled vital signs, review and track values, and get notifications or alerts to vital signs that fall outside an acceptable range. 

Vital signs can include Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Rate and Blood Pressure, but may also include values such as blood glucose, %O2 saturations, and BM tracking. Vital sign services and types are managed from the desktop Residex Global Service List.

Review Vital Signs Out of Range

As vital signs are entered, the nurse or supervisor may wish to review and enter a note regarding a vital sign that has been recorded that falls outside an acceptable range.   

Supervisors, Managers, and Nurses are able to review and add a note to vital signs that fall outside an acceptable range.

Unscheduled Vital Signs

RTasks users can enter vitals as scheduled services OR enter unscheduled vital signs as the need arises.