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Do you ever wonder what is in the newest version of RTasks?  Do you want to be kept in the loop so you are using RTasks to its fullest potential?  If the answer is 'yes', watch the RTasks "News Feed" information that appears in the Login Report!

Resident Check-Out / In

Residents leaving the facility for short term outings or appointments can be 'checked out' by staff when leaving and documented 'checked in' again upon returning.  The RTasks Task Manager and Login Report are used to manage the process.

While this can be used for medical appointments, the Referral Appointments feature in RTasks already accomplishes this;  the Resident Check-Out / In feature can be helpful for other types of outings, or when resident location needs to be tracked.

Please note that 'checking out' a resident does not place the resident on hold status. The services and meds will still appear on caregiver assignments. Follow the link to instructions on How to put a resident on hold.


RTasks Training

Get on board!  

Do  you feel like you are struggling with becoming fluent in using RTasks?  We want to help!  Over the next few weeks we are adding additional training sessions to help you become a Master RTasks user. 

You can view and register for any of our training sessions here. You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 866-512-8369 option 2 for support.

Scheduled Downtime and Emergency Preparation

Whether an internet outage is scheduled or occurs unexpectedly, it's good to know what your facility can do to prevent disruptions to operations!  ResiDex has suggestions for handling such events.

Quality Management

MN state survey teams will be looking more closely at Quality Management activities not only at regularly held meetings, but identified goals and action plans. RTask's Staff Meeting feature allows users to plan, document and share agendas and meeting summaries of Quality Management activities and compile these into a nice report.