A/R Editing a Batch

When you create a batch (group of payments) using ResiDex A/R, you are prompted for a deposit amount/total and batch date.  If you enter either of these in error, you can edit them.  It is very important to have this information accurate.  If the batch date is off by the wrong month/year it will immediately impact the aging reports. If the total is off, your accounts will not balance and the batch will not be able to close correcty.

A/R Other Cash Receipts

If you are using ResiDex Accounts Receivable, you may wish to enter "other cash".  Other cash can be associated with or without a resident name. "Other Cash" does NOT display on the resident's statement or account overview.  It is often used for general reimbursement for non residential accounts or to record security deposit payments that have been made.

Payments entered in the "Other Cash" entry screen WILL be reflected on reports such as:

  • Total Cash Receipts
  • Total Bank Deposits

A/R Reports

When payments are entered using the ResiDex A/R component, you will be able to run several reports.  You can run reports:

  • For a single batch (Batch Report)
  • For all deposits in a month (Total Cash Receipts)
  • For total deposits in a date range (Total Bank Deposits)

A/R Security Deposits

Facilities often choose to keep security deposits separate from the balances for services and rent;  therefore, security deposits entered in Residex are not included in the resident account overview or statements. Security deposits differ from "Other Cash" because they are a fixed requirement vs. a payment for miscellaneous items.

Applying Payments

To apply payments you will create a batch that consists of one or more checks on a deposit slip or direct deposit entry.  Once you create the batch you will apply the payments to each individual and their invoice.  If an invoice has not been posted for a private pay resident, you may leave the payment posted but not applied.

Editing a Payment

 If a payment was entered or applied incorrectly, you can edit the payment.

Opening a Batch

When a batch is complete (all money has been posted to each account), the batch is automatically closed. If a payment in the batch needs to be changed, you must first open the batch before editing the payment.

Payments and Adjustments

When looking at aging reports or the resident's "account overview",  a credit and debit may be visible on two different months or invoices.  This is typical due to one of the following reasons:

  • An invoice was paid in full and an adjustment to DECREASE the charges was later applied
  • An invoice was billed and later adjustments were applied to decrease the invoice and left a credit on the account.

While the balance on the statement and aging are accurate, many people like to "clean up" the account overview/aging.

Show all With Unapplied Amounts

When applying payments, you may choose to leave some or all of the payment "unapplied".  Unapplied payments will be reflected on the statement.

ResiDex has a screen that allows users to view these unapplied payments as well as apply payments.