Personal Funds Tracking

Personal Funds Tracking

Personal funds tracking can be used by facilities who don't use the standard RTasks billing for rent and/or services but want to track individual expenses for their individual.

There are several steps in using the Personal Funds Tracking

Enter Beginning Balances

ResiDex offers several ways to generate a charge or credit for an individual.  When tracking Personal Funds for residents, balances and charges will be entered manually.

When using Personal Funds, deposits will be entered as a negative (-) amount and a charge will be a positive amount.

Enter Charges or Credits

After beginning balances are entered, you are ready to start entering charges and/or credits to each resident account.  The process is the same as manually entering credit balances so it will look very familiar.

Populate - Review - Post

Steps of the billing process will take place throughout the month so that the day billing is processed things should move along efficiently. We will step through the billing process pointing out items that can be done daily/weekly to streamline your billing process.