ResiDex: Create Policies

ResiDex allows users to create policies to be viewed and/or acknowledged by staff in RTasks.  The policies can be administrative (dress code, attendance, HIPAA) or be procedural and link to a specific service (Med administration, blood glucose monitoring, etc...).

ResiDex: End or Deleting Policies

You may have a policy that was once published and you would like to discontinue it so staff will no longer "review" it. To do this, you will simply change the status to "ended".

To permanently remove a policy from your records, it must be deleted.

Review Policies

Policies and Procedures are guidelines that serve to define expected procedures and practices.  Once a policy is published, Staff can review the policy in RTasks, acknowledge it, and so agree to follow the guidelines.  

Policies can be linked to services and viewed as a link in that service.  There are also policy reports that can be enabled for staff to review when needed.