Rate Setup

Billing: Care Package Setup

Care Packages are typically a monthly or daily package that is usually based on a care level or points system. A resident must be on the billing option "Care Package" in order to see the "care package" field in the Resident "Billing"screen.

Billing: Other Charges Setup

Other charges are charge types that are always entered “manually”. This is a “Global” list (shared with every campus in a database). These charges are typically incidental charges such as: key replacement, guest meals, beginning balances, etc.

Billing: Rate Schedule Setup

When creating a rate schedule, you will determine what a unit will equal and what rate per provider will be billed per unit. Rate schedules will be used for fee for service and care package billing when incremental charges are billed at a VARIABLE rate.

Billing: Rent Setup

Each unit/room in your facility can be set up with one or more rent types. We will explain how to create rent types and how to assign them to each room.

Billing: Supplemental Package Setup

When setting up rates for billing or agreements you may need to add "Supplemental Packages".  Supplemental packages are fees that are billed using a daily or monthly rate for charges that could be in addition to fee for service or care package charges.