Campus Rate Setup

Billing: Service Charge Setup

Service charges can be set by service, allowing fee-for-service billing.  Those same services may also be checked to be 'included in package' for residents who may be on a Care Package billing system.  This dual system allows for flexibility in billing services for residents. 

Setting Service Charges must be added or edited from the Global Services list, and requires the Administrator (411) role.  To enter charges, navigate from the RTasks Today screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Billing: Care Package Setup

Care Packages are levels or tiers of service billed at either a monthly or daily rate.  Care Packages are typically based upon resident need or service level, or a point system. A resident must be on the billing option "Care Package" in order to see the "care package" field in the Resident "Billing"screen.

Billing: Other Charges Setup

Other Charges are incidental charges (not scheduled) that are incurred by the resident and entered manually.  Examples might include key replacement, guest meals, beginning balances, etc....  

Other Charges can be set up for each database, and are available to select when in each campus.

Billing: Rate Schedule Setup

A Rate Schedule specifies what the price of a unit of service is, based upon provider type. For instance,

  •  $9.00/15 minutes for a HHA
  • $25.00/15 minutes for RN

Once set for the campus, Rate Schedules will determine what services set to the "Variable" rate will bill the resident.  Rate schedules may be used for fee-for-service clients to bill services based upon time spent, OR for residents with care packages, to bill certain services not included in the care package, based upon time spent.

Billing: Rent Setup

Each unit/room in your facility should be assigned at least one rent type, based upon the style of apartment (Efficiency, Shared Suite, 1-bedroom, etc...) it is.  A second or third rent type may be assigned to a room/unit to accommodate situations such as shared occupancy that is billed at a lower rate.   This document will explain how to set up rent types and how to assign them to each room.

Billing: Supplemental Package Setup

When setting up rates for billing or agreements, you may wish to add Supplemental Packages.  Supplemental Packages are services or groups of services, billed at a daily or monthly ratein addition to Fee-For-Service or Care Package charges.