Reporting (Preview & Print)

Although the current trend is moving towards becoming totally "paperless", there are times where a printed report is needed.  This article provides information about printing reports from RTasks.

A configuration option to allow printing in duplex (double-sided) can be set per campus;  reports can also be made exportable to an Excel spreadsheet.  Contact the Residex support team to assist in setting these configurations.

To print a report from RTasks, your device must be able to connect to a printer, and must be able to view PDFs.

Report Feedback

RTasks offers over 1000 reports for users, designed to give you the information you need in a concise, clean format.  If you've located a report in RTasks to which you'd like modifications made OR which appears to have misleading or incorrect data, we want to know about it!  A button has been added to the Reports screen, allowing users to send requests to our programming team.  

Report Management

RTasks offers a large number of reports, covering all aspects of care and service.  Users with the Supervisor Role (Role 13) have the ability to determine which reports are enabled for their staff, and which provider types should have access to those reports. 

Supervisors also have the ability to create folders of favorite reports, which makes locating reports simple!

RTasks Quick Reports

Quick Reports are customized reports that allow a user to select specific criteria and filters to create the report they need.  These reports can be generated in PDF or Excel format.  If the data is copied and pasted to a local spreadsheet, you can use that spreadsheet's additional formatting tools to remove and reorganize the information.

Staff Activity Trail Report

There are times that an RTasks user's documentation and actions within RTasks needs to be reviewed, perhaps for performance review or disciplinary purposes.  The report Staff Activity Trail can be very helpful in viewing the 'trail' of documentation an employee left in RTasks.