Resident Info Setup

Case Manager

The "Case Manager" field allows you to specify a nurse or other individual as a resident's case manager.

Case Manager Nurse

Some states require tracking Case Manager Nurses for residents; this can be done by using the "Case Manager Nurse" field on the Residnet Profile Screen.

Case Manager Setup

Two ways to enter case managers in ResiDex.

Code Status

A person's Code Status is a code specified in advance which describes that person's health care preferences in the event that their heart stops or their lungs fail. Examples of Code Statuses include CPR (meaning, CPR may be performed if possible,) DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), DNI (Do Not Intubate.)

A resident's Code Status must be recorded in the Code Status field on the Resident Profile. The Code Status is required and cannot be left blank; it will will automatically default to CPR.

RTasks Only Note Feature

RTasks allows limiting the type of notes seen or entered by staff based on role or provider type. This was developed so clinical and administrative staff can enter and view certain notes but other staff cannot. This feature is setup in Desktop ResiDex but only available when entering/viewing notes in RTasks.