+More Resident Notes

Resident Note Entry

Resident notes feature allows users to document and view narrative notes about the resident. Entry and viewing resident notes requires role "5 - Resident Notes".  

If a provider type should be able to read resident notes (but not enter them), access to Resident Note reports can be granted and resident notes viewed by navigating to Fax/Print > Reports > Category- Resident Notes.

Resident Note Type Setup

Specifying note types allows users to organize or catalog resident notes and more easily find them.  Notes of a type can then be pulled together into a report (e.g. Care Conference notes or Therapy notes) entered for a resident over a specified period of time. 

Certain note types can be set as "Admin Only" and have limited visibility to non-admin users. 

RTasks' Structured Notes feature can be used to create an outline of required elements for staff to follow when entering notes of that type.  Examples of note types for which structured elements might be helpful include Care Conference notes, On-call notes, or perhaps a Therapy or Hospice note.  

Users who are Managers (Role 11) or Supervisors (Role 13) can create and edit Note Types and Structured Notes.