Resident Rate Setup

Specify Resident Billing Option

ResiDex allows for two different billing options.

Care Package

  • Each service is marked if it is included in the care package
  • Services can be marked as "included in package" or "Billed per service" based on the service charge type

Fee for Service

  • Every service is billed based on the charge type for that service

Resident Care Package

When preparing  for Care Package billing, you must ensure the basic setup is complete.  To verify your billing is accurate, each step - from setting up rates to indicating which services are included in the package - must be completed.

Resident Supplemental Packages

A "Supplemental Package" can be billed for a Resident on the billing option Care Package or Fee for Services.  A supplemental package is a daily or monthly rate for any rent or service charge. Examples of supplemental packages are:

  • Cable or telephone fees
  • Escort package fees
  • Med management fees
  • Garage rental

A resident can have one or more supplemental packages. These are selected for each resident under the Resident - Billing option in RTasks.

Resident Payer Setup

Each resident by default is considered “Private pay” when they are entered.  If you have residents who are on a waiver program or have contracted amounts those need to be entered for each resident. While Rent, Packages, and Supplemental packages are set up the same for private pay and waiver residents, the payer section ONLY needs “setup” for non private pay residents with contract amounts.

Resident Rate Schedule

After the rate schedule is setup you can now select it for the appropriate resident(s). To save time, you can specify a "default" rate schedule for each campus so any new resident will automatically be on the correct rates.

Resident Rent Setup

A resident can have one rent amount. These are selected in the People > Resident > Billing option in RTasks. The options you will see will be based on what rent you have selected for that unit/room number.