RTasks Adjustments

Creating an Adjustment Charge Line

If you use Accounts Receivable, there may be a time when you need to create a charge line for a past invoice. You would only need to do this if you find out after the invoice was posted that another payer is going to be paying on that invoice or you use G/L codes and a charge was not invoiced.  If that is the case, you will add to add a payer/charge line which will add a $0.00 amount so an adjustment can be applied to it.

A/R Auto Adjustments

RTasks has streamlined the billing and A/R process when a contracted payer (e.g. Elderly Waiver or CADI) changes the contract rate with a retroactive effective date. When  the payer rate and effective date are updated, an adjustment will automatically be added to increase or decrease each invoice impacted by the change.

Enter Adjustments

Adjustments are done when:

  • The facility is using the Accounts Receivable module of ResiDex/RTasks
  • Statements were generated and distributed for the resident
  • Credits or debits need to be made on a previous month's charges

A user with Staff Roles 22 or 23 has the ability to enter adjustments into RTasks.

Refund Adjustments

When a resident is discharged or moves out and has a credit balance on his/her account, you can do a "Refund" adjustment.  A refund adjustment will actually INCREASE what the resident owes to zero out the credit on the account.