Getting Started

Switch Campuses

If you are a staff member of a multi-campus database, you may need to switch campuses while in RTasks.

Snap Messaging

RTasks Messaging is a secure communications tool that is great for improving communications between your staff.

Messaging looks a lot like email on the surface, but there are a few key differences: 

  • RTasks users may only message other RTasks users
  • Messaging includes tools to easily send group messages to other RTask users
  • RTasks messages never leave the RTasks system, and can be used like a secure communication log to discuss resident names, needs, health care concerns, and so on.
  • Messages can be set to 'self destruct' - this messaging tool acts like a communication log between staff and as a result, messages could be discoverable. Settings are available to either keep messages indefinitely, or to have messages delete themselves after a certain period.
  • Messaging integrates with other elements of RTasks e-charting; a note recorded by a staff member can easily be sent as a message, allowing staff to streamline their charting and more effectively fullfill their communication obligations.


Campus Info

The Campus Info screen can serve as a handy reference for important campus information, such as how to reach an on-call supervisor . 

Users who are Nurses or have Manager (Role 11) or Supervisor (Role 13) are able to edit this information.  

RTasks Charting Fast Track

This article is intended for new RTasks users being pressed into service during times of emergency such as staffing crises.