Getting Started

Switch Campuses

If you are a staff member of a multi-campus database, you may need to switch campuses while in RTasks.

Snap Messaging

RTasks Messaging is a secure communications tool that is great for improving communications between your staff.

Messaging looks a lot like email on the surface, but there are a few key differences: 

  • RTasks users may only message other RTasks users
  • Messaging includes tools to easily send group messages to other RTask users
  • RTasks messages never leave the RTasks system, and can be used like a secure communication log to discuss resident names, needs, health care concerns, and so on.
  • Messages can be set to 'self destruct' - this messaging tool acts like a communication log between staff and as a result, messages could be discoverable. Settings are available to either keep messages indefinitely, or to have messages delete themselves after a certain period.
  • Messaging integrates with other elements of RTasks e-charting; a note recorded by a staff member can easily be sent as a message, allowing staff to streamline their charting and more effectively fullfill their communication obligations.