Individual User Permissions

ResiDex has fine grained controls called Staff Roles that allow administrators to set exactly what each staff member can view, add to or change within ResiDex.

Review Roles for All users

Managing staff roles in ResiDex is very important. As you grow and implement you may wish to reduce roles for several people to "tighten down" security. You can remove roles from a staff member one individual at a time OR you can use the Security Overview Screen.

This screen will also highlight roles that we recommend giving to a few key people due to the  impact they can have on the database.  These are highlighted as "Sensitive Roles".

ResiDex Security

ResiDex stamps every record you create or change with your user-name and records your other activities while you use ResiDex. This is done so it can be easily seen how a record was changed, when, and by whom.

Limited Resident Access

ResiDex's "Limited View of Residents" feature allows certain staff to have RTask access limited to only one or a few residents. This is helpful if you have an outside agency that needs to view information or chart services for individuals, but for whom you would not want to give access to all residents (hospice workers, consultant physicians, therapists, or Medicare/skilled nursing providers, etc). 

Restrict Access by IP Address

Access to RTasks may be restricted by IP addresses set from the RTasks settings button.  The ability to limit RTask access by IP address allows managers to restrict access of certain providers from  RTasks outside of the facility setting.  Others (such as on-call nurses or administrators) may retain access to RTasks from home or wherever internet access is available.

It is our recommendation that facilities request a static IP address from their Internet Service Provider to prevent disruptions in charting capability.  

If you do not have a static IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider, the IP address may change at an inconvenient time (such as due to power outage or routine maintenance) and users could be locked out of RTasks.  We have created a way for Managers and Supervisors to turn on/off "Restrict by IP address" and/or "Manage the IP Addresses" to resolve this issue.