Managing User Permissions

RTasks has fine-grained controls that allow administrators to set exactly what each staff member can view, add to or change. Users with appropriate permissions can manage the access levels of other users - allowing precise control of what each of your users can see and do within the system.

Restrict Access by IP Address is a web-based application, so can be accessed anywhere there is access to the internet.

For HIPAA compliance, it's important to restrict access to RTasks for some users so they may only access RTasks from pre-authorized locations (e.g. the facility). This can be achieved with our IP Address Restriction controls.

This feature allows you to allow some individual users (such as on-call nurses or administrators) to log in from anywhere, and restrict others (HHAs, CNAs, housekeeping, etc) so they can only log in from your pre-authorized network. 

To use this feature, your building must have a Static IP Address from your Internet Service Provider.

Staff with the Manager (Role 11) or Supervisor (Role 13) permissions can manage this setting.

Securing your account

Each RTasks user is responsible for maintaining a secure password, documenting in RTasks only under their own login, and observing HIPAA Privacy practices.

Login History

The Login History view, accessed from the Staff Profile, can be helpful in understanding a staff person's RTasks use, and assist in troubleshooting. 

Users with Staff Role 14 Staff Data Entry can view Login History.