Scheduling Services

Resident Service Plans

The resident Service Plan can be found by navigating to the Resident Profile in RTasks.  Users with role "2 -  Service Plans" can view, add, discontinue, and edit services.

Service Set Entry

When entering services for a resident you may wish to use the "Service Set" option.  This is helpful when you are scheduling a group of services such as vital signs or wish to have a set of services for a specific "care level". Before you use the service set feature in RTasks, you need to setup your services sets.  Find out how to setup service sets in our "Service Set Configuration" documentation.

Rescheduling a Group of Services

RTasks allows users to easily reschedule a group of services to a different time or different provider.

Services Schedule View

Users may need to reschedule services for a resident to a different time and/or provider.  This may be due to a move or change in scheduling structure.  Our "Reschedule" option will allow you to do so easily and efficiently.

Instead of editing services individually, the reschedule option will allow you to select a group of services scheduled for the same time to a different time and/or provider.

Treatment Supervision

Whether required by regulation or performed as a best practice, the nurse should periodically review and assess the efficacy of treatments prescribed for the resident.  RTasks offer a means by which users can document these treatment supervisions.