Services Setup

Global Service List

The Global Services List is the resource screen for adding and creating services, determining how and where they appear, and what they will require of staff during the recap or documentation process.

Because the Global Service list plays such a key role in day-to-day operations, compliance, and billing, the Administrator (411 Role) is required for making any edits to this list.  Residex Support staff can assign this Administrator role, in collaboration with your company administrators - please note this role is typically restricted to as few users as possible.

Navigate from the RTasks Today Screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Considerations to keep in mind

  • A 'lean' service list means less scrolling for users, easier service tracking and accounting
  • Create variations of a service if billing requires different rate or charge types
  • The use of service snippets, used in conjunction with a service, can create variations on instructions for that service without making additional services

Service Set Setup

When entering services for a resident, RTasks allows users entry options:

  • Enter services individually as the nurse is completing the assessment, using our Assessment - Service links
  • Enter services individually from the Resident Profile > Service Plan, or
  • Create and use a Service Set to add a preset group of services for a resident.  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly

To create Service Sets, contact ResiDex support.  We'd be happy to assist you in setting these up.

Behavior Services

Behavior Management Services are a specialized service type, in that they

  1. create a printable Behavior Plan that shows behavior services scheduled for a given resident, including the service details specified by the nurse 
  2. allow staff to document the number of behavior occurrences, the time spent, and intervention effectiveness during their shift
  3. create reports such as the Behavior Log that summarizes behavior management charting for a specified resident and period of time.

Tracking Services

Tracking services are specialized, customizable services that can be used a number of different ways.  The user can create specific questions and response options for staff to answer for a single service in order that this additional information can be more effectively monitored or 'tracked'.  Examples of Tracking Services might include Goal Services and documentation of progress toward a specific goal (as in a group home setting) OR documentation of additional details regarding, for instance, bowel management.  

In order to set up tracking services in your database, contact ResiDex support staff for assistance. 

Treatment Supervision

Whether required by regulation or performed as a best practice, the nurse should periodically review and assess the efficacy of treatments prescribed for the resident.  RTasks offer a means by which users can document these treatment supervisions.