Activity - Copy Week

To make activity scheduling easier we have a "Copy Week" option.  Copying a week will allow you to:

Activity Info

ActiviDex allows you to enter information for each activity. You could use this "info" area to provide instructions on where items are stored, scheduled itinerary, notes on special speakers, etc.

Activity Items

When scheduling activities you can streamline your data entry by creating an "option list" of "activity items".  The activity item will show up on calendars and be the specific activity that is being offered.  During the data entry, the activity item is a "free type" field OR a "select from list" option.

Activity Location

 You can create new activity locations from the Setup tab.

Activity Master Setup

The master activity setup will impact activity assessments and documentation. It is fully customizable just like the basic assessment setup.  

We will demonstrate how to customize your activities for assessment entry and RTasks documentation purposes.

Activity Note Shortcuts

When documenting activity participation, shortcut keys are available to make entering notes faster and more concise.

Activity Schedule Group

When you begin to set up activity schedules you will need to determine how many groups you will need.  If you have one activity calendar per campus you may wish to create one group such as "Facility Name Activities".  If you need an activity calendar per community you may wish to create schedule groups such as: Assisted Living, Memory Care and Independent Living. You will have one activity calendar per scheduled group for the day, week or month.