Staff Setup

Add New Staff

RTasks will allow you to manage staff information including entering a new staff member. If a user has ResiDex user role 15 - Staff set roles he/she will have the ability to add a new staff member directly to RTasks.

Deactivate Staff

In the event of a staff member resigning, being terminated, or otherwise leaving your employee, you must deactivate that user's account to protect access to the data you manage. Fortunately it is extremely easy and fast to disable a user's access to ResiDex and/or RTasks!

Transfer Staff

If your organization consists of multiple separate buildings (AKA "Campuses"), your users will only have access to one Campus by default. Even if a user has been granted access to multiple Campuses, they will have one particular location specified as their 'Primary' Campus -the first one they see when they log in.

You can easily manage which building is a user's Primary Campus with just a few clicks!

Account Security

Each RTasks user is responsible for maintaining a secure password, documenting in RTasks only under their own login, and observing HIPAA Privacy practices.

Populate Care Plan for New Staff

Requiring staff to Review the Master Care Plan helps in meeting requirements that staff have been oriented to the plan of care and keeps staff up-to-date on the current needs of each resident. When new staff are hired you, you may wish to have staff review care plans as part of their orientation.  

Populating the latest care plans for new staff persons can be done from the Staff Profile in RTasks.