Staff Setup

Resident and Staff Photos

Resident photos can assist in orienting existing staff to new residents or new staff to existing residents. RTasks makes uploading, rotating, and cropping photos easy.  Users with Role 1 will have the ability to upload pictures.


Staff Entry

Management of staff information, including adding new staff, can be performed by RTasks users with Role 14, Staff Entry.  Users with Role 15 can also grant roles/permissions to that new staff person.

Deactivate Staff

In the event of a staff member resigning, being terminated, or otherwise leaving your employee, you must deactivate that user's account to protect access to the data you manage. Fortunately it is extremely easy and fast to disable a user's access to ResiDex and/or RTasks!

Transfer Staff

If your organization includes multiple campuses, users will initially have access to only one campus by default. Even if a user has been granted access to multiple campuses, they will have only one location specified as their 'Primary' Campus.  The primary campus is the first campus viewed as they log into RTasks.

You can easily manage which building is a user's Primary Campus with just a few clicks!

Editing a Staff Profile

Staff profile details can be edited in RTasks, including the staff name or username.

Populate Care Plans and Policies

Requiring staff to Review the Master Care Plan helps in meeting requirements that staff have been oriented to the plan of care and keeps staff up-to-date on the current needs of each resident.  Your staff regularly receive Care Plan Updates each time an assessment is marked complete. 

Policies and Procedures can be entered in RTasks and populated out to staff to review and acknowledge as well. 

Upon orientation, you may wish to have new staff review Care Plans and/or Policies and Procedures.  This can be managed from the Staff Profile in RTasks.