Tracking Staff Details

Staff Notes

Supervisors often need to document staff-related attendance issues, conversations, disciplinary actions, etc... in the staff record.  Staff Notes in RTasks allows users with Role 14 (Staff Data Entry) to view and enter staff data in RTasks and users with Role 16 (Edit Staff Notes) to easily enter notes directly into the staff record as well.

Staff Health Info

Staff health information allows users to track due dates for items such as TB tests and chest X-rays due, Hepatitis B vaccination status, and allergies.  These can all be managed in RTasks under the Staff Profile > Health option.  Users with Role 14 (Staff Data Entry) can enter this information.

Staff Supervision

Whether required by state licensure rules or conducted as a best practice, the ability to document supervision of unlicensed, direct-care staff performing delegated nursing services is an important practice.  Staff Supervision can now easily be documented in RTasks.

Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are a necessity- for routine operations, quality management activities, or perhaps long-range planning.  Whatever the reason, these meetings can be planned, scheduled, documented, and communicated in RTasks!

Users with Staff Role 14 are able to enter and edit staff meeting minutes.

Staff Certification Management

The Staff Certification area of RTasks allows users to enter and track staff orientation status, background checks, and performance evaluation due dates.  It includes an area for tracking Staff Certifications and can alert users to clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, and CPR certifications, etc. which may be coming due.  The list of available certifications can be customized for each database.

In order to document staff employment details or certifications a user must have  Role 14 - (Staff Data Entry), Role 11 (Manager), or role 16 - Staff Notes.

In-Service Management

Staff training is an ongoing responsibility.  Management and documentation of Inservices/Training provided your staff can easily be accomplished in RTasks.

  • Adding and editing the classes offered can be done in RTasks by users with Roles 11, 13, or 17.  
  • Once the classes have been setup, users with Roles 14 and 17 are able to document attendance.  

This article will describe how new class or inservice offerings can be added.

In-Service Documentation

Staff training is a key part of care delivery;  documentation of training and in-services attended is easily completed in RTasks.

Users with Roles 14 or 17 can document inservice training.  Role 14 is required if entering data in the Staff Profile. 

Staff Activity Trail Report

There are times that an RTasks user's documentation and actions within RTasks needs to be reviewed, perhaps for performance review or disciplinary purposes.  The report Staff Activity Trail can be very helpful in viewing the 'trail' of documentation an employee left in RTasks.