Tracking Staff Details

Staff Certifications

Staff certifications and alerts allow you to track due dates for items such as clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, CPR certification, etc.  The list of available certifications are customizable for each database.

In-Service and Training Documentation

How to document and track In-Service and skill training for your staff

RTasks: Meeting Documentation

Staff meetings are a necessity- for routine operations, quality management activities, or perhaps long-range planning.  Whatever the reason, these meetings can be planned, scheduled, documented, and communicated in RTasks!

Staff Attendance

Track staff absences and tardies.

Staff Supervision

Staff Supervision in Residex is a feature that permits the nurse to document and track direct supervision of unlicensed staff performing a delegated skill or service, a state requirement in many settings.  Even if not required, some providers may consider it a best practice to document supervision of unlicensed staff.  Once a staff supervision has been marked complete, users will be prompted for the next due date;  once entered, nurses can receive a notification or reminder to perform the next scheduled supervision.


Staff Address Confidentiality

Limit access to staff addresses to only users with the "Campus Supervisor" Role. This assists with keeping staff information confidential while still allowing supervisors to have visibility to it.

Staff Notes

Supervisors often need to document staff-related attendance issues, conversations, disciplinary actions, etc... in the staff record.  Staff Notes in RTasks allows users with Role 14 (Staff Data Entry) to view and enter staff data in RTasks and users with Role 16 (Edit Staff Notes) to easily enter notes directly into the staff record as well.

Supervision of Treatment Services

Whether required by regulation or performed as a best practice, the nurse should periodically review and assess the efficacy of treatments prescribed for the resident.  Residex (Hosted) and RTasks offer a means by which users can document these treatment supervisions.