Support & Troubleshooting

Resetting Staff Passwords

Notes about User Password Management

  • For security reasons, the ResiDex Support team cannot reset passwords.
  • Staff who need their password reset will be directed to contact their supervisor or the nurse on-call.
  • Users who use an email address as their username can reset their own password with the 'forgot my password' link from the login page.
  • Authorized users can reset RTasks logins by following the steps below.

Get Help: Ring Central Meeting

If you need help from a ResiDex Support Team Member, they may ask you to "join a meeting".  What does this mean? It means that we can use the Ring Central online meeting tool to help troubleshoot an issue and provide training.  For troubleshooting, you may be asked to share your screen and/or give us access to keyboard and mouse.

Get Help: GoToMeeting

If you need help from one of our Support Team Members, they may ask you to "join a meeting".  What does that mean? It means that we will be able to see your screen and control the keyboard and mouse with your permission.  We use an online meeting tool to help troubleshoot an issue and perform training. 

RTasks Vault - Emergency Documents and Role 911

Emergency planning is our concern as well as yours.  The ResiDex Vault gives specified users access to key documents in the event of RTasks downtime. This gives users access to information they need with the least amount of service disruption.

We recommend installing a shortcut for on your desktop. 

Sending Encrypted Files

The ResiDex support team most often is able to troubleshoot questions and issues by logging directly into a given database.  They may request initials of a given resident, date ranges, report names, or other details specific to the issue.  

On occasion, support staff require users to send pdf copies of documents or reports.  In order to send these sensitive documents securely, we will ask that you use the Firefox Send feature.  Firefox Send offers free, encrypted file transfers from any browser.  Encryption means your data is kept secure.

Clearing Browser Cache

When you use a browser, like Chrome or Firefox, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

Note:  Because Internet Explorer and Edge are not recommended as  browsers for RTasks, they are not mentioned here.


Covid-19 Support

ResiDex offers the following suggestions that support our customers during times of epidemic or pandemic.  

Print Troubleshooting

Because RTasks is a web-based application, printing is managed on the device and browser from which RTasks is being accessed.  Some simple steps can help in troubleshooting printing problems.

RTasks Charting Fast Track

This article is intended for new RTasks users being pressed into service during times of emergency such as staffing crises.