A/R Applying Private Payments

RTasks users who have licensed the ResiDex A/R or Accounts Receivable module can enter payments into RTasks.  By doing so, a user has the ability to print Statements vs Invoices out of RTasks.  The statement, unlike the invoice, shows the residents "new account balance" as well as any payments and adjustments that have been entered. 

Users with Roles 22 (Accounts Receivable) or 23 (Accounts Receivable Supervisor) can enter this data.

Enter RTasks Private Payments:

  • Click on Billing
  • Click Receive Payments

  • Click New Deposit
  • Enter or Select the Deposit Date

  • Click Add Payment
  • Select the Payer (Resident name for Private Pay)
  • Select the Payment Type
  • Enter the Payment Amount
  • Optionally enter the Check / Reference Number, Check Date and/or Note
  • Press Save
  • You will automatically be taken to a screen to see unpaid invoices
  • Click on an invoice to see the detail of charges
  • Click Apply by any charge line item or manually type in the amount paid for the line item
  • Press Save

  • Click Back and Add Payment to enter the next payment in the batch
  • When all payments are entered, click - Complete Deposit to close the batch