A/R Editing Batches/Payments

When entering payments in RTasks A/R (Accounts Receivable) module, there may be times when a wrong resident is selected or a wrong payment amount entered.  If the batch is not in a "closed" month, you are still able to edit this information.   

Users with Roles 22 (Accounts Receivable) or 23 (Accounts Receivable Supervisor) can enter this data.

To edit a payment or batch information, the batch first needs to be opened.

Re-open a batch:

  • If a batch is closed, you will not see an indicator informing you that it is open

  • To open the batch - click on the line item
  • Click Re-open Deposit

Delete a Payment:

  • Once a batch is open, you can click the Delete option by a payment on the Deposit Details screen

Un-Apply and / or Re-apply a Payment

  • Click on a payment to open the Payment Details
  • Click Delete and Confirm to delete where the payment is applied
  • Leave the payment unapplied if needed, or apply it to another open invoice

  • When all finished making all changes - click Back and Complete Deposit